cfturbine currently supports MSSQL, MYSQL and SQLLite. This module consists of CRUD method calls to database. cfturbine allows you to use differnt databases for differnt environments. example, you can use SQLLite in development and use MSSQL in production. Model will allow a seamless transition within environments

cfturbine views reflect the complete database table state. Each view represents one table.

controller module is responsible for the interaction between and view and model.

Pretty URLs
Generates .htaaccess files for Apache and a httpd.ini file for ISAPI_ReWrite (ISAPI Rewrite website).

CFTurbine uses a hybrid; a mix of convention and configuration. We believe software application benefit from that both a proper configuration structure and a set of conventions.

CFTurbine uses “hierarchy” configuration concept.

(Note onĀ configuration hierarchy: A. Configuration hierarchy is similar in concept to object inheritence. cfturbine uses a base configuration area which will contain all environments (dev, sqa, uat, prod) common variables. The individual environments (specialized) can override the existing variable or add new variables in the configuration.)

Model Factory
Generates and return models by taking parameters passed in from POST (form) or GET (via URL).