CFTurbine engine is designed and developed by

Anang Phatak
Anang is software engineer/architect with many successful web site implementations. He has Master’s degrees in Management Information Systems (MS MIS) and Business Administration (MBA) with majors in Finance and Information Systems. He has solid foundation of technical skills with strong understanding of systems design and development. His is very adept at information technology and would always look to integrate the latest and the greatest into his work. He has received Flash of Brilliance Award from USF and Excellence Award for project management. During his free time he likes to fly and play guitar.

Ketan Jetty
Ketan Jetty is a software developer/architect and he specializes in architecting high performance web sites. He has studied Bio-Medical Engineering and is a trained International Management Consultant. He has been working in the Information Technology field for more than 10 years and has successfully designed and developed many web sites. He is Macromedia Coldfusion MX certified with additional certifications in Sun Java and MCAD (ASP.NET/C#). His passion is technology and during his free time he likes to learn new technologies and improve systems/system designs. He has received Outstanding Performance Award for innovative programming. He is currently working in Maryland as an information technology consultant.